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Santa Monica Speech Therapy

Helping Children With ASD, Apraxia, & More

Convenient In-Home Speech Therapy Services Based in Santa Monica

1to1 Kid Talk brings speech therapy to the comfort of your own home, helping to remove any outside stressors and adding ease to your child’s learning experience. In a play-based session with one of our Board Certified Speech Therapists, we create an active and stimulating environment which is a key component in the communication and development of your child. 

Perhaps your child does not seem to understand what you are saying. Maybe your child can understand what you are saying and engages with you, but has a limited vocabulary, or just learns at a slower pace than other children their age. Here at 1to1 Kid Talk of Santa Monica, we utilize proven speech therapy techniques to help your child with these and many other speech issues with our fun and play-based sessions.

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How Does In-Home Speech Therapy Work?


A Licensed Therapist Travels to You

Our licensed therapists will travel straight to your Santa Monica residence. All 1to1 Kid Talk therapists are licensed with the State of California and have national licenses from the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association. Some of our therapists are also Board Certified Autism Specialists.


We'll Create a Weekly Plan to Help Your Child Succeed

An in-home setting provides an environment that makes it easier for children to generalize their progress during and after therapy sessions. Our therapists work together with parents to create a weekly plan for targeting specific skills tailored to your child’s specific needs.

Working With Parents is Part of Our Process!

Our therapists will equip parents with the tools needed to create learning opportunities for their children in their everyday interactions. Children will develop new vocabulary and words throughout the day as parents and speech therapists work together.

Speech Therapy and Childhood Apraxia

Apraxia is a motor disorder that can affect a child’s movement of their mouth, as the brain is not directing the body and mouth properly. This can make it difficult for your child to create sounds, form words and can even cause them to have difficulty swallowing or chewing. Signs of Apraxia will typically become apparent between 18 months and 4 years of age, which are the formative years when your child is learning to speak. In-home speech therapy with a Board Certified Speech Therapist can help to alleviate Apraxia symptoms, create improvement in communication and help to develop speech skills quicker. 1to1 Kid Talk’s founder, Guy Garcia, has advanced training in Childhood Apraxia of speech and can help to diagnose and determine a path for your child to establish long-term growth and development. 
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Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can hold back your child’s ability to communicate and socialize. Our therapists work with activity and play-based methods to develop relationships and build communication skills.

We meet your child where they’re at; we take the time to get to know your child, build trust and a relationship with them, and present activities our experts deem the most beneficial to their growth. By participating in these play-based activities, our therapists encourage your child’s development and adjust to meet their needs along the way. It is recommended that children with ASD should have 20 hours of intervention work per week. To get closer to that recommendation, we provide parents with activities and strategies to follow each week to keep your child on the right track.

Our In-Home Speech Therapy Process

Step 1: Initial Home Visit and Assessment

A licensed speech therapist comes to your home, meets your child, and speaks to you about their challenges.


Step 2: We Create a Plan for Your Child

After meeting with you and your child, we provide a recommended plan of care, including outlining the number of sessions we believe would be optimal to your child’s success.

Step 3: Therapy Begins!

Once parents and therapists agree on a plan, we schedule in-home sessions. Therapists work with children and their parents to develop communication skills.

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About Guy Garcia, Founder of 1to1 Kid Talk

Guy Garcia, a licensed speech-language pathologist based in Santa Monica, believes in allowing children to live a better life by helping them communicate and form relationships. If you live in or around the Santa Monica area, Guy is available to travel to you and meet your child in their home environment.

You can set up in-home sessions for personalized care of your child. Due to COVID-19, we are also now offering virtual sessions to our clients.

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Get a Free Speech Therapy Consultation

In-home speech therapy is founded on a team approach that gives your child their best chance of success. Contact us today to learn how our in-home speech therapy approach can help your child.

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Speech Therapy for Children 1 to 1 Kid Talk - Speech Therapy Santa Monica


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Speech Therapy for Children 1 to 1 Kid Talk - Speech Therapy Santa Monica


814 12th St. #4
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Speach Therapy for Kids Certification 70 - Speech Therapy Santa Monica

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