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At home speech therapy in Los Angeles is now available from the private practice 1to1 Kid Talk Speech Therapy. In addition, 1to1 Kid Talk provides therapy for toddlers who are late in their speech development, speech impediments, autism and articulation therapy. Speech therapists visit homes through-out the Los Angeles, CA area. 

In-Home Speech Therapy Los Angeles

For speech therapy at home in Los Angeles parents will find that they get better results with in-home therapy.  Research supports speech and language therapy provided in the home setting the most effective setting for working with young children.

Why Is In-Home Speech Therapy Better?

In-home speech therapy with 1to1 Kid Talk is better because in the Kid Talk model parents are coached on how to use key strategies that they then use every day.

What do Los Angeles parents say?


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In my experience, working with children with autism spectrum disorder in the home setting is also ideal.   Children with ASD are much more comfortable in their home environment than the new environment of a clinic office.  Speech therapy can start as soon as the therapist arrives with targeting greetings and salutations.

Early Intervention

Speech therapy provided at home is also good for families with children aged 0-3 years old is also recommended to be completed in the home, or natural environments.


All 1to1 Kid Talk speech-language pathologists hold a masters degree in communication disorders and license from the state of California.  Speech therapists also hold certificate of clinical competence, CCC-SLP. Guy Garcia, CCC-SLP, has nearly 20 years experience as a pediatric speech therapist.  He specializes in early intervention, autism and social skills.

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