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Pediatric speech therapy is used to help children with verbal communication and motor functions. A pediatric speech therapist Beverly Hills is known for is Guy Garcia. He founded 1to1 Kid Talk, a speech therapy organization just for children.

How do you know if your child needs speech therapy? There are many reasons why you may need to seek out a speech therapist for your child. No two cases are the same.

Late Talkers

If your child is under 30 months old and you are observing a lack of vocabulary, this is a sign you may need a pediatric speech therapist. Your child can understand you and have good social skills. However, when it comes to speaking, their vocabulary is limited and they may struggle to use 2-word combinations. Other symptoms that your child is a late talker include limited gestures and a family history of speech and language delay.


If a child lives in the area and has autism or is showing signs of autism, hiring a pediatric speech therapist Beverly Hills residents have access to is a good idea.

What are some symptoms of autism?

Colored pencils spelling out autism in a pediatric speech therapist Beverly Hills office

Speech Delay- Speech delay can be a sign of autism. Speech delay is difficulty in producing speech and forming words. Language delay refers to the knowledge of language. While speech and language delay can be a sign of autism, not all children with speech delay have autism.

Social Problems- There is a distinguishing factor between children with speech delays who have autism and who don’t. Children with autism also experience social difficulties along with speech and language delays. They can feel unrest in social situations and have a hard time connecting with people, even those close to them. Many social situations can become stressful and upset the child. If you’re noticing something like this, schedule a free consultation with 1to1 Kid Talk, Speech Therapy Beverly Hills.

Anger And Outbursts- Frustration is a symptom of autism as well. Little things can set them off, including not being able to communicate what they need or want. Anger is a common symptom amongst kids, so it can be hard to determine if it is autism-related or not. If you notice this symptom is showing up with several other symptoms of autism, it’s a good time to reach out for help. The best way to tell for certain is to speak with a professional.

Childhood Apraxia

Motor disorders such as childhood apraxia are a reason to reach out to a therapist about speech and language Beverly Hills residents need assistance with. Apraxia makes it difficult for children to create sounds and form words. It affects the child’s movements of their mouth as the brain is not directing the body properly. This can even result in difficulty swallowing or chewing. This is not a common disorder, but if you suspect your child might have apraxia, reach out to Guy Garcia, the number one speech therapist in Beverly Hills. He can help you determine what your next steps should be and if speech therapy is beneficial for you and your child.

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