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Do you have a child who is struggling with learning Past-Tense Verbs?

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Many children with autism, expressive language delay, developmental language disorder, down syndrome, or other language delay challenges struggle to develop speaking and communication skills.

Grammar can be especially difficult for your child to learn. Kids often just use the present tense form of a verb (run, eat), which can make understanding them more difficult and cause frustration for both you and them. These language patterns can also make your child seem younger than they actually are.

Research shows that children with language delay may need over 1000 exposures to learn a new verb form. That can certainly feel overwhelming!

There is a better way!

A Research-Based Series Designed to Help Your Child Talk About the Past

1 to 1 Kid Talk Speech Therapy has created a research-based program to help kids learn language through:


Engaging Videos


Short Stories


Sentence Repetition

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What We Do:

Our programs help children with autism, language disorders, and more develop their speaking skills through a play and research-based approach. Both children and their parents benefit from proven exercises and methods as they achieve better communication.

Why It Works:

The 1 to 1 Kid Talk Speech Therapy videos use a method that can best be described as “Learning without Trying.” Your child learns using patterns. For past tense verbs, specifically, kids are exposed to words they are not accustomed to hearing, using specific types of examples that have proven effective in research.

One of the keys to the success of our videos is the use of high variability. Kids learn faster when  they hear the language target with different nouns and verbs surrounding it. Our stories use a variety of words to reduce the number of sounds being repeated, which highlights the target words. Exposure to these specific types of examples increases the acquisition of these verb forms and language patterns.

Our videos encourage easy and efficient learning because they are:


Fun and Engaging

using live child models

High Intensity

necessary for successful language acquisition

Filled with High Quality Input

backed by research

Who We Are

Guy Garcia is a board-certified autism specialist who started 1 to 1 Kid Talk to provide children the best possible chance of success at connecting and communicating with those around them.

Using his 19 years of experience working with children with communication disorders, he created the Past Tense Verb Videos for his work as an SLP. He recognized that kids needed the intensity of repeated exposure to words but in a fun, engaging, and efficient way.

Guy Garcia Los Angeles Speech Therapist 1 - Past Tense Verbs

See for yourself how our Past Tense Verb Videos can help you and your child with a free video sample.

Begin your child’s journey to improved speech today with the Past Tense Verb Video series. Fill out the form below and we’ll send a free set of verb videos sent directly to your inbox:

Speech Therapy for Children 1 to 1 Kid Talk - Past Tense Verbs


814 12th St. #4
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Speach Therapy for Kids Certification 70 - Past Tense Verbs
Speech Therapy for Children 1 to 1 Kid Talk - Past Tense Verbs


814 12th St. #4
Santa Monica, CA 90403

Speach Therapy for Kids Certification 70 - Past Tense Verbs

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