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Speech therapy can be a difficult topic for some, especially when it comes to help for your child. It can be scary to realize it’s necessary in your child’s life. It’s more common than you think. With the help of the number one speech therapist in pasadena, you’ll start seeing progress in your child’s speech capabilities. 


Guy Garcia of 1 to 1 Kid Talk has dedicated his life to improving speech in children and toddlers. He’s a Certified Autism Specialist and is licensed in California by the American Speech Language Hearing Association. 


As the number one speech therapist in Pasadena, he realizes that parents have to be equally involved in the process of speech therapy to yield the best results. That’s why he shares tips and tricks with parents on how to engage with their children and develop healthy communication habits. 


Guy specializes in helping children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and children with Childhood Apraxia, a motor speech disorder. 

speech therapist used play based therapy with child

Through the use of play based therapies and personalised care from a speech therapist, a child can develop their social skills and habits. 1 to 1 Kid Talk knows that every child is unique and comes with their own set of speech difficulties.

“My first tip in getting their attention, is finding out what they enjoy. What do they enjoy doing? When do they have fun?” Guy asks. 


When a speech therapist asks themselves these questions, they are better able to make a lasting connection with your child. If they can connect and understand what engages your child, they are more likely to create opportunities that encourage speech and communication, and so are you.


If you’re looking for a speech therapist in Pasadena, 1 to 1 Kid Talk can provide you with the tools for a lasting improvement in your child’s speech skills. Get In Contact With A Speech Therapist Today. 

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