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Guy Garcia is the number one speech therapist in Los Angeles. With years of training and experience helping children with autism, apraxia and learning delays, you can trust him to improve your child’s social skills.

1 to 1 Kid Talk is an In-Home Speech Therapy Los Angeles based business. Its focus is on play-based therapy that engages and enthuses the child. Guy says that when a child is engaged, they’re better able to communicate and more willing to communicate.

Speech Therapy For Toddlers, Los Angeles

He has a specific program for toddlers: Speech Therapy For Toddlers, Los Angeles. This is for toddlers who have learning and speech delays. It’s more common than you think for a child to be a late talker. Guy Garcia will work with you and your child to develop healthy social skills. 


If your child is under 30 months and has a limited vocabulary, 1 to1 Kid Talk’s program is for you. If you notice a speech or communication delay in your toddler, or if you have a family history of speech delay, you should consider In-home speech therapy. 

In-Home Speech therapy, Los Angeles based therapist helps child with speech

Speech Therapy For Toddlers, Los Angeles is a program that was built on love and a desire to help. The speech therapists at 1 to 1 Kid Talk are patient and devoted to their jobs. Guy Garcia is the number one speech therapist in Los Angeles because of his passion for helping children and parents with their communication.

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He is a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and a certified Autism specialist. His work doing in-home speech therapy, Los Angeles has allowed many people to get the help they need as they don’t have to travel to get appointments. They can get help in the privacy and comfort of their own home. Your therapy session begins from the moment your therapist walks through the door.

Call 1 to 1 Kid Talk to schedule an appointment with the number one speech therapist in Los Angeles, CA. You can get a free in-home consultation here.

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