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Seeing your child struggle to communicate is hard as a parent. You want the best for them, but sometimes you don’t know how to help. 1 to 1 Kid Talk specializes in speech therapy for kids in the Pasadena area. They can help you in ways you’re unable to help yourself.

There are many reasons to consider speech therapy for your child. For instance, you’ve noticed your toddler is a late talker. They might play actively and engage socially, but have a limited vocabulary compared to other children their age. This can also be caused by a family history of language delay among other variables.

ASD is another area where speech therapy can be beneficial. 1 to 1 Kid Talk is a Certified Autism Specialist and is affiliated with More Than Words, the Hanen Program for parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Colorful clay spelling out the word "Autism"

Autism Spectrum Disorder can hinder communication. Children with ASD can display a loss or lack of words, social skills, and overall communication or connection. However, there are many symptoms of ASD, and not all are present in every child.

You should also consider speech therapy if your child has a motor speech disorder such as Childhood Apraxia. Childhood Apraxia prevents children from producing the proper movements for speech.

1 to 1 Kid Talk is dedicated to helping children speak and communicate freely. With proper speech therapy, your little ones will begin to express themselves and live a happier, healthier life.

And the best part is, the sessions can take place in your own home – a space your child feels safe and comfortable in. In-home therapy is known for yielding better results in the long term.

So, what does speech therapy with 1 to 1 Kid Talk look like?

Guy Garcia, the founder of 1 to 1 Kid Talk, emphasizes how important it is to connect with children during speech therapy and get their attention.

A speech therapist will visit your home during your scheduled appointment and the session will start as soon as they walk through the door.

Guy Garcia explains the best way to get your child’s attention is to give them choices and find out what they enjoy, and how they have fun.

Many of the sessions involve therapy through play. The use of toys and activities are highly effective in building a connection and engaging children.A woman and child practicing communication using toy phones and blocks; play based speech therapy

You’ll often find that children are more communicative during certain activities and those are important to pay attention to and come back to during the therapy.

This therapy is beneficial for parents as well. Your speech therapist will teach you tips and strategies to utilize in your everyday life. This ensures your child’s skills will continue to grow even when your therapist isn’t there.

You have the power to help your children – you just need a helping hand.

If you think your child might need speech therapy and live in Pasadena, get in contact with 1 to 1 Kid Talk.

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