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Los Angeles is a big city with a vast array of people; people who have different needs. If your child needs speech therapy, you’re not alone. 1to1 Kid Talk’s Speech Therapy in Los Angeles has experience helping nonverbal children and children with special needs. 

Play-Based Therapy


Guy Garcia, pediatric speech therapist, Los Angeles, uses play-based therapy to help children speak for the first time. It’s about engaging the child and helping them have a good time. If the child is doing something they enjoy, they’re more likely to open up and communicate.

Two children learn to play with blocks with 1to1 Kid Talk Speech Therapy, Los Angeles located.

Play-based methods for developing Social Skills Los Angeles include various toys and activities. Making something with play-do, reading books with the child, or even jumping on a trampoline can all aid in speech. 


The speech therapy is personalized to each child’s needs. 


Guy Garcia and his team help children with autism, apraxia and nonverbal children. He’s a member of the American Speech Language Hearing Association and a Certified Autism Specialist for Speech Therapy in Los Angeles.

For The Parents

If your child needs help developing social skills in Los Angeles, you can rely on a trusted pediatric speech therapist. Having guidance on what strategies will best encourage growth and improve vocabulary will make parents feel more in control of the situation. It will allow children to be children while improving their communication. 

A parent who uses a speech therapy, Los Angeles based practice, reads to their child

Not only does 1to1 Kid Talk teach the children, but they also teach the parents important communication skills. The session begins right as your speech therapist walks through the door. A parent should know tried and true strategies so they can continue helping their children when the speech therapist isn’t around.

If you’re looking for quality Speech Therapy in Los Angeles, book a session with 1to1 Kid Talk. You will be surprised how rapidly your child improves.

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