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Guy Garcia, founder of 1to1 Kid Talk is offering the best speech therapy Beverly Hills has to offer. His practice is attentive, kind and knowledgable. With over 19 years working as a speech-language pathologist in Beverly Hills, Guy has built up quite the success rate when it comes to helping children communicate.

It’s difficult as a parent to watch your child struggle with words and social interactions. It’s even more frustrating for your child. Children need to be heard and understood, and if they can’t communicate, it can create a stressful situation for them. Speech therapy is a way to teach them that they can communicate effectively and alleviate pressure.

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As the best speech therapist Beverly Hills has, Guy has worked with children with varying needs for therapy. He specializes in helping children with speech disorders such as childhood apraxia. He’s also a certified autism specialist.

He takes great care when helping clients. Every child can improve their social skills with speech therapy. He uses engaging activities to encourage socialization. If a child is enjoying what they are doing, or they learn to associate communication with something positive, they can achieve lasting results.

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If your child needs help with speech or social skills Beverly Hills speech therapists at 1to1 Kid Talk are happy to help. You can trust the team of trained professionals to work one on one with your child in in-home sessions. As soon as your therapist walks into your home, they will begin your session without hesitation. 1to1 Kid Talk wants you to get the best speech therapy out there.

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If your child is showing symptoms of a motor speech disorder, delayed vocabulary or autism, reach out for a free in-home consultation.

Relieve the stress of communication. Help your child lead a healthy, normal life by hiring a compassionate professional like Guy Garcia. You want someone who will care as much as you do about your child’s wellbeing, and that’s 1to1 Kid Talk.

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